About us

Health is your wealth!

Our history begins in western Ukraine in the small village named Struha. That’s where our dear baba Maria lives. She cooks very well and knows how to make the best sauerkraut ever. Maria is kind, sincere, hardworking person. She always cares about us even if we are far away from home. Baba Maria always tells us – “Health is your wealth”.


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In 2016, we are full of enthusiasm a young Ukrainian couple Anatoliy and Svitlana decided to share the experience that our grandmother gave us. This is how the Ukrainian House company was founded. We have built a small food production facility in St. Albert, Alberta and started making traditional sauerkraut, according our baba’s way – with love, kindness and care to others.

production photo

Quality but not quantity

We have a small batch production, devoting a lot of time to quality of the sauerkraut. After all, the goal is not only to make cabbage with sour taste, but also to bring out a unique authentic flavour, characteristic texture and keep so essential to us vitamins, elements and probiotic bacteria. That’s why our Sauerkraut is super delicious, crunchy and healthy!

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Why do we do this?

For us, Ukrainian Sauerkraut is not just about a business – It is about the healthy and happy life of our children, families and our community overall. We want to share our philosophy with you through our product.
You are more than welcome to join us!